Tips for traveling to Bali Indonesia

I can tell you all about my experiences on this beautiful island called Bali, but everyone has to go open-minded and just embrace whatever Bali will give to you. However, tips for traveling to Bali I share in this post might help you to grasp some more of that ‘real’ Bali vibe, that brings so many travellers, surfers, expats, yogi’s, explorers, adventurers, insta-bloggers and spiritual minds to the island. I’ll especially give you some top tips for Ubud and Changgu, as I was lucky enough to live in both places for a month!

Water temples in Bali


If you want to emerge yourself into yoga, the easy option is to go to Ubud. The Yoga Barn  is the most famous yoga school in Ubud and their classes & the whole atmosphere is great – but maybe a bit busy. Like the entire centre of Ubud. It is super crowded. There are shops with famous brands like Ralph Lauren and the streets in the centre are one way because it is so so busy.

The yogi vibe returns more outside of the four main streets or when you’re in one the 22 raw food restaurants of Ubud and there are even more vegan places! Chill music in the background, friendly people from all around the world and literally amazing food. Walk a little bit outside of Monkey Forrest Road and Hanoman street and you’ll see the first rice fields and some more peace.


Top tips for staying in Ubud, Bali:

– Take a yoga class at The Yoga Barn
– Pay a visit to Alchemy: a 100% raw food restaurant in Ubud
– Don’t pick a hostel on Hannoman street or Monkey Forrest Road, but go a little bit outside of the main centre
– Watch a movie at Paradiso
– Go to Ubud’s early morning fruit and vegetable market for locals, before it turns into the Ubud Art Market for tourists
– Do a day trip to Ida Resi Alit, the holy priestess and get a water healing
– Look if there is any festival around the time that you’re planning to go like the Yoga Festival or Ubud Food Festival. They’re great events!



Okay now we’re talking. Yes. Yes. Yes. For amazing yoga at The Practice, Samadi or Serenity, the best coffees at Peloton & Crate cafe and smoothie bowls everywhere! There’s a great surf vibe with many beaches that serve you waves for different levels. And the day with a drink during Sunset and have dinner at some great (but pretty westernized) restaurants. Each night another place is ‘the place to be’ for a drink & dance and all nights are fun! Old Man’s (Wednesday), Pretty Poison (Thursday & Saturday), DEUS temple (Sunday) – let’s go!

Top tips for Canggu:
– Go café/restaurant hopping: Crate Café, Peloton, Spicy Coconut, Shady Shack
– Watch (non)local skaters do their thing at Pretty Poison
– If you’re still doubting: Maybe Free Tattoo Tuesday at DEUS might get you that tatt
– Take a day trip to Tanah Lot temple. Preferably very early or during sunset.
– Take a yoga class (all schools: Samadi, Practice & Serenity are great)
– Go to the Sunday Morning Organic Food Market at Samadi

Fruits at Sunday Market in Canggu
Beach strolling in Canggu


Uluwatu is the place to be for the experienced surfer and those who want to become one. The vibe is chill and Uluwatu is just beautiful. There are not many hostels/hotels, so a daytrip from anywhere else on the island works as well. Just don’t miss the amazing sunset!

Tegalalang Ricefields 


Still doubting about going to Kuta after reading my review in this post? Well at least try the option Sanur instead then, the less busy sister of Kuta. It actually is a great stop for a nice holiday by the beach. Just a couple days of chilling and maybe surround yourself in the party scene or visit a/some temple(s). Another nice thing, actually, is the huge Balinese Orchid Garden that is nearby. It is absolutely stunning!


Just skip it, unless you’re under 21 and just started backpacking. There’s too many tourists, drunkies and a combination of those


Read Kuta.


Yes! For sure!
Eat at local Warungs, because food is great and cheap! Scared of Bali Belly? If you stay away from the meat options, you’re changes of getting this narly thing become way smaller
– Do a day trip to a beautiful waterfall
– Try to visit the North Shore, that nobody every seems to go to. But it is gorgeous
– It is actually still worth to go to the Tegalalang Ricefields, just be there before the crowd comes at around 11am.
– HAVE A MASSAGE, or 10, & foot reflexology .
– Be a sustainable eco tourist. Take care of your trash, because the island gets dirty.
– Get off the island and visit the nearby Gili’s

Amazing Gili Islands

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