Sustainable Clothing – Tips & Tricks

The fashion industry is one of the most unsustainable ones of our planet. To develop 1kg of cotton we need 6000 to 10.000 liters of water. That’s nuts! Luckily there is more and more attention for ethical and sustainable clothing and manufacturing methods. I was super excited when the first sustainable fashion weeks were organized. We’re going the right way! But we can’t just depend on companies to do the trick right? So why not make an effort to  make the inside of your closet more sustainable. Here are some tips and tricks to get you started with sustainable fashion!

  1. Buy at Vintage Stores or markets

Reuse what is still good and at the same time keep up with the vintage fashion trend. What about those cute Levi jeans, farmer hats and flower dresses? Yesssss!

Some of my favorite vintage stores in Amsterdam are: Zipper, Episode and Jutka & Riska. The best market to find cheap vintage clothes in Amsterdam is at the IJhallen.

In my favorite blouse from Ibiza, bought about 10 years ago at a vintage market there !
Eastside Flea Market in Vancouver: More about this market & Vancouver here
  1. If you order online – let your order ship to the store or your nearest post office

This way you let it ship to a location where transport has to go anyway – instead of going to your house specifically. There is always a ‘main spot’ near your house and you can pick it up anytime after delivery. Which is an advantage for people that are often not home. In this case you are even increasing emissions if the package is not dropped of at your neighbour and the delivery company has to come to your house again!

  1. Vegan leather

It looks like real leather, it doesn’t smell, new materials are coming up that have great quality/value for money and there are awesome brands around that use this material like: Matt & Natt and Angela Roi. I myself am also very happy with my Vegetarian Shoes – aka shoes from vegan leather!

In my vegetarian shoes 
  1. Sustainable clothing Materials

Focus on more sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp, linen & bamboo based fabrics. These are more sustainable than regular cotton (e.g. less water intensive & less or no use of fertilizers and pesticides). Also try to emit animal based products that require more land to be produced then plant based materials. These are for example clothes that contain: Cashmere (goats,) Alpaca or wool (sheep).There are different sustainable clothing brands out there as well. Some sustainable clothing brands that I love are: Everlane, People Tree, & Thought.

  1. Remake/pimp your old clothes

That old denim jacket can be awesome with an embroidered picture on the back! You can also dye your clothes, cut of sleeves or make shorts from an old jeans.There are so many DIY video’s on youtube for how to pimp your clothing. You’ll find lots of inspiration!  But most of all, let your artistic you go crazy!

  1. Organise a clothing swap with friends

I am always in love with the style of my super fashionable always good looking friends. But they often don’t wear stuff that I still love. Let’s trade!

  1. Go through your grannies closet

My grannies have (had 😦 ) awesome  stuff. One shirt my gran made around the time that I was born is one of my favorite shirts nowadays. For her it was a tight shirt, for me it is an oversized flower blouse. I LOVE IT. Granny got style!

Me in granny’s top!

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