Awesome Easy Yoga Poses for Core Strength

Although the philosophy of yoga asanas (postures) is definitely not to ‘improve’ the physical body in terms of who the body looks, practicing asanas certainly has a lot of benefits for your body: strength, flexibility and yes also the looks ;).  Many people are looking for tips for a healthy lean fit body. Maybe you are one of them! You probably want to find yoga poses for core strength, which is how you found this post. Luckily there is a great variety of easy exercises to strengthen your core – either to get that flat belly, a sixpack even or maybe you are just looking for yoga poses to relieve lower back pain! The poses I share with you in this post are perfect yoga poses for beginners. I added the explanation of how to do the yoga poses for beginners below every picture. The challenge arises once poses are held longer and longer. If you are a complete beginner, try to first focus on working towards holding the poses for 45 seconds to 1 minute. After that, the longer the better. Yoga guru’s say that you master an asana if you can hold it for 3 hours and 26 minutes… ain’t nobody got time for that, but again: the longer the better;). Good luck and most of all enjoy the workout!

  1. Plank Pose. (Sanskrit name – Uttihita Chaturanga Dandasana)
Plank the right way – flexed core, not sinking shoulders or lower back

If you have been to the gym before or have done any sort of excercise, you have probably come across Plank Pose. The pose is simple, but the trick is to hol dit for a long time – this is where it came become challenging. To get into the pose, place your hands on the ground, shoulder width apart and step your feet back. Now create a straight spine and try not to round the upper back, push your shoulders away from your ears. Below is a picture where I am doing the position wrong: see the curve in my upperback?

Plank in the wrong way – curved upper body

You can make this pose heavier by placing your lower arms on the floor – half plank. Plank is one of the easiest yoga poses for lower back pain relieve.

  1. One Leg – One Arm Up Plank


For this pose: start in a normal plank and slowly lift one arm and the opposite leg up – so if the right arm comes up, the left leg comes up – hold here. After this, change sides.

  1. Boat Pose ( Pari Purna Navasana)


Sit on the floor with your hand behind your back and lift up your feet. Your knees can be bend our straight. Place your arms next to your legs and hold. Don’t forget to breathe!

  1. Down Dog – Knee to Nose (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
Step 1: Inhale bring your leg up
Step 2: Exhale bring your knee towards your nose

Start in a Downward facing Dog position: Place your hand shoulder width apart, step your feet back – hipdistance apart – and lift your pelvis up and back. You can slightly bend your knees. Now place your toes together and lift one leg up on your next inhale – Three Legged Dog pose (Tri Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana). Take the knee of the lifted leg down towards your nose on and exhale. Inhale: bring the leg up, exhale: down to your nose. Repeat this a couple of times and changes sides. Why do we like Down Dog (+ its variations) so much?:

  • Great for strength & full body stretching
  • Nervous system energizer and rejuvinator
  • Improve digestion, fatigue and relieve back pain
  1. Dolfin Pose (Ardha Pincha Mayurasana)


To come into Dolfin pose start with your hands and knees on the floor. Now place your elbows on the floor, fingers interlaces, and walk your feet backwards to a low plank position. Now walk your feet forward, your pelvis comes up. Hold this for as long as possible (maybe 30 sec to 1 min) and come down on an exhale with your knees coming to the floor.

  1. Side Plank (Vasisthasana)
Side Plank advanced option. Other options: Stack feet on top or in front of each other.

Start this pose like a normal plank. Then release one hand and stack your hips on top of each other. The feet face to the side, either placing the feet in front or on top of each other. If you want more challenge, lift up the upper leg and arm. After holding it for an x amount of time – change sides.


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