The best vegan food in Vancouver

One thing that I love about traveling is the different types of food that you can try in the places that you visit. Now, in my case that does not always mean I am per se looking for something that is typical for the place that I visit (especially not in Western Countries where there are a lot of similarities) although that is fun of course. I mostly look for the vegan cuisines/hotspots/options that are out there. In some places, finding good vegan options is still a challenge. I’m blessed that in my hometown, Amsterdam, there are maaaaany options available.

In Vancouver, I was happily surprised as well. Although I could not really go to the ‘normal touristy restaurants’, which I normally avoid anyway, and some searching on the internet is required (like reading this blogpost), you can get around pretty well in Vancouver BC!




Meet’s menu is to die for. You can indulge yourself in different types of fries: With satay sauce or garlic for example, to accompany one of the amazing salads, burgers or bowls. I had the Noodle-y Thai, and boy did that do Thailand justice. It was so good. Finish of with one of the sweet treats like Cheezecake, Chocolate Coconut Ganache Tart or Warm Raspberry Chocolate Pecan crumble, and you’re good to go for the rest of the night (or day, if you opt to go here for lunch / coffee!)

Next to that the vibe in MeeT is great. Hip, young, but not overdone. Nice interior and lovely staff. You feel at home right away. One side note: it’s buzy here. So come early or late to avoid the ‘traffic hours’ or be prepared to wait a bit because they don’t take reservations.


MeeT: 12 Water St

The Coffee Bar

This is your regular urban coffee bar with very very very good coffee. Like most of them nowadays they have non-dairy milk options. Why are they worth mentioning then? They have  vegan and raw snacks! And very fast wifi ;)!

The Coffee Bar: 10 Water St

Tractor Foods

Tractor Foods motto is ‘Everyday Healthy Foods’. Their (very affordable) menu is thus created as such. It is not a restaurant concept. You order at the bar and take your plate to your seat after grabbing some of their sustainable cutlery and free water. They have great soups, stews and salads and you can order half a grilled avocado as an add-on to each dish! Yum!!! They have a few locations in Vancouver and I visited the one on Burrard Street. I think this place is the best for lunch as it is located in the business area. At night around dinner time it was a bit quiet.

Tractor Foods: 335 Burrard St


A small shop with great vegan ice-cream and wonderful staff!! All there is to say 🙂

NiceVice: 1022 Mainland street

Body Energy Club:

I found this place on my last day in the city. I was looking for some healthy snacks to take with me on the plane. Strolling around I say the name of this place and knew that I would be very likely to succeed. And I did! Besides the enormous amounts of snacks/protein/everything a fitness fanatic would die for, they also have an awesome food menu. There were peanut butter banana smoothies, fresh fruit juices, and.. Acai Bowls (all with or without (vegan) protein powder – yay!)


Body Energy Club: 428 Robson St.

North Vancouver/Lonsdale Quay:

Cafe By Tao

Cafe By Tao might not be the first place you think of in terms of ‘cozy atmosphere’. Everything is very basic, but nice. Lot’s of free books and magazines to read as well if you are on your own. But: This place has some amazing food and drinks. If you are a fan of the raw food kitchen, or want to try something for the first time – go here. The pastries, raw pizza, juices – all are amazing!


Cafe By Tao : 210-150 West Esplanade, North Vancouver

Lonsdale Quay Market

Sizzling Wok, Vinam, Thaigo & Halima. These are some of the great food vendors  inside Lonsdale Quay Market. Sizzling Wok, Vinam and Thaigo have awesome asian food, with healthy wok dishes and some good veggie options. Halima Grill is a good Indian place with to die for curry.I only found the ‘real address’ for Sizzling Wok, but they’re all there 😉 .

Sizzling Wok: City Square, 555 W 12th Ave, Lonsdale Quay Market

Granville Island:

On your trip in Vancouver you are likely to visit Granville Island. Although there are not really restaurants here, you will probably visit the Public Market. Here are some vendors selling nice meals. I think these are perfect for a mid-day stop, for example if you are cycling around the city. I found that the Mexican and Asian places have some awesome vegan options! dsc02502


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