#2 London as a Local: Hotspot, Healthy Food & Lovely Markets

Blog number two in London as a local – sharing wesome food and hotspots from day two..

On Saturday we started our day at Broadway market located outside the city center.  f my friend hadn’t told me about it I would have never gone there. It is not a big market, but with lots of good food, local artists, live music and amazing coffee and breakfast spots. Because it was pretty cold outside we chose to have breakfast in a cafe as well.

I’d read about Tiosk online and their lovely vegetarian, vegan and raw food. We had the acai bowl. Yum – they were good. The only thing was that there was not so much granola or nuts or anything, so they were not very filling. Either way, have your breakfast with one of the specialty teas they have to offer. You get a HUGE mug!! To go I also took some raw energy balls with me –> I chose the Matcha one and it was great!

The rest of the day it kept raining so we walked around Oxford street, in and out of shops and then ended up at my #1 bucket list place to go: The Mae Deli! Yaaaaaaaaas!!!!


The Mae Deli is THE food spot to go for vegan food, especially if you, just like myself, are a fan of Deliciously Ella! When you come in they directly make your eyes twinkle with all the vegan brownies, cookies, salads and not to forget nut milk cappuccino’s and please order a  matcha latte! Not to forget: If you are looking for a good and satisfying dinner that is affordable as well – you found the right spot. We chose to go for four of the cold salads.I loved every single one of them, but I have to say, the maple roasted sweet potatoes were definitely the winner of my plate! They were so sweet! Of course I could not resist but try the rocky road: It was good, but not my favorite. The pecan pie brownie was really good as well. But, the winner in the sweet section for me was the orange chocolate raw ball with sesame seeds. The ‘normal’ chocolate one was good as well, but the orange one.. man.. loved it! I wish I could have bought a signed book of Ella, but unfortunately we were only allowed to bring in hand luggage in the plane and my tiny suitcase was already so full… Guess I’ll see were I’ll go buy it in Amsterdam:) !

At night we went to a vegetarian restaurant in Soho called Mildred’s. We did not make any reservation and that wasn’t very smart because there was a line! But, definitely worth the wait when we finally were able to get a spot in the restaurant. I went for an asian inspired dish with rice and tofu, the flavoring was just a-ma-zing. We also had some sweet potato fries, but those were al little bit soggy. The other this you see in the pictures is… tatadaaaa diary-free pavlova! The cream you are wondering? Coconut. Pure coconut. So good! Definitely recommending this place!!


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