A message to Shell: Just go into renewables.

I have to share this video with you. It’s is played by Dutch actors: A Shell shareholders meeting. Come on Shell: Renewable energy is the way to go #savetheplanet.

And we are on the right track. Since the year 2000 the amount of solar energy on the grid has increased 100 times, this is an amazing rise! And: it is still rising with China, Japan and the US as the leading countries. And I have some more fun facts for you. Did you know that:

  • Shell originally was a company that made profits with … shells… ? I laughed so hard when I heard this.
  • In Oman they are pumping up oil… using SOLAR ENERGY??? Because it is so extremely cheap there! That’s crazy right!
  • Each hour enough solar energy hits the surface of our planet to fuel us all for a whole year
  • Transparant solar panels are being developed –> so solar windows! We have to wait for a bit but in a few years we can generate electricity with the windows of our homes!
  • Deutsche Bank expects that renewable energy will be 80% cheaper than oil & gas within a few years
  • The United Arab Emirates have installed 200 MW of solar panels. It is their plan to add 800 MW more. The final amount of electricity generated is then three times higher than their 2020 target
  • And now.. let’s watch a short clip:

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