#1 London as a local: Hotspots, Healthy food & Lovely Markets


From the amazing shopping opportunities, to the musicals, to good food, to the beautiful cultural heritage: everyone has his or her own reason to pay a visit to the capital of the United Kingdom: London. Lucky enough, Amsterdam is pretty nearby! Within a one hour flight you get from Schiphol Airport to the diversity of airports in London. Choosing cheap agencies you can get there for around 50 euros! For some time me and my lovely friend wanted to do a city trip and last weekend we went to London! We both already went there when we were younger. I think it was about 8 years ago I last walked down Oxford street. This made us decide: we only have three days, we have already seen all the touristy highlights: we want to experience London as a local! And that’s exactly what we did. And please, don’t get distracted by the cloudy weather in the pictures: it was cold – but it was good!


We both know people that have lived in London for a while so they could give a some very good information on fun stuff in and around the city, especially (food) markets!! On Friday we arrived in the city. After storing our bags at the hostel (we went to generator hostel and it was awesome!) the first thing we did was head to Borough Market (via the Tower Bridge haha, so we did do some sightseeing after all…). Coming to the Market we were directly enthusiastic about all the different types of awesome food that was available. From fresh dishes at the street food markets to high quality raw honey, roasted nuts in all types of flavors, pies, cakes, smoothies,  it is truly amazing. After tasting the different types of honey, granolas, buying a ton of nuts (honey coated, smoked, chocolate covered) we shared a plate of fresh hummus with spinach pita bread. Man it was good. Besides the food the market is very vibrant with lots of different people getting together. It was really a mix of tourists, hip locals and people in suits grabbing a quick lunch.

Toeristen. ✔️ @nndvrschr #london #lievelings

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The second stop we had was at Tate Modern. Make sure to have a drink at the top floor as you will have a wonderful view over Londen! Afterwards, you will be ready to check out the museum and their modern art collection. If you are not into the traditional ‘historical paintings and statues’ kind of musea, Tate Modern is the one for you!IMG_0034

After strolling around the city and doing some shopping we went for dinner at night at Andina. This restaurant is located at the young and hip neighborhood Shoreditch and I can really recommend going there! The idea behind dinner is simple: The menu consists of small dishes and you order approximately 3 dishes per person, or share 6 with two of course, which is what happens mostly.  Because we already had too much food the whole day we only managed to order 4 dishes but they were all amazing. Happy side note is that most of the dishes at Andina are vegetarian and some vegan: so veggies –> go there!! We had some amazing dishes with sweet potato, pumpkin, red beets, corn cake with avocado! And: it’s good for your wallet as well, very affordable!


Picture above- Andina Facebook

We ended our day at a cafe/bar near Andina: Bull in a China shop. We really didn’t know where to go for drinks – but man were we lucky to get into this one! Men making cocktails, a mix of people, small & cosy – I kinda felt like I stepped into a movie scene, in a positive way. As I have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever when it comes to cocktails and alcohol in general so I just chose to go for a Martini, which I never had before (I know I know shame on me). Then the question came: How would you like it? eh…. I have no experience, just make it good. And it was good. Very good. The perfect cocktail to end our first day in London!

Stay tuned for day 2 and 3 with more hotspots and tips in this wonderful city!



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