Vegan Icecream Trifle


I literally can eat this any time of the day: Banana icecream. Nicecream. For breakfast or lunch with a nice granola topping, dates, nuts, or as a snack and even for dessert with some cocoa powder added to the mixture: Tada, there you have your beloved healthified chocolate icecream. Sounds good huh?

But what did we create in this picture? A vegan trifle with some added veggies – also very handy for when you have kids and you can’t get them to eat their veggies (I’d like to say ‘their greens’, but this veggie is orange, so that would be silly 😉 ).


Anywhoooo… Here you have the recipe!

Layer 1:

Soy yogurt of your flavor of choice (I’d stick to ‘easy’ flavors like coconut, almond, vanilla, or plain)

Layer 2:

Blend: One small carrot, one large frozen banana or two small ones, cinnamon, a splash of almond milk, and two dates (pitted!)

Layer 3:

Blend: One frozen banana, a splash of almond milk, 2 dates, cocoa powder and, optionally: cinnamon and/or vanilla powder.

Layer 4:

Toppings!!! I added some raw energy balls, chia seeds, dates, nuts and vegan protein powder. But feel free to experiment with granola, raisins, mulberries, raw cocoa nibs or dark chocolate!

And now: Sunny weather – please heat us up so we feel like have this cold dish anytimeeeee!



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