Sustainable Architecture


Hi guys!

Today I want to share one of my many passions with you: Sustainable Architecture. It has been widely recognized that buildings consume more than 30% of our total energy usage. Although one might see this as a problem, which it is of course, this high number also makes it a relevant and thus exiting problem worth solving! That is one of the reasons why I am so much interested in improving the sustainability of buildings. Not only in terms of their energy usage, but also in the materials that they are made of and the possibilities they have to positively contribute to our environment. Next week I will present to you a story about vertical farms, which you don’t want to miss. For now, I hope I can get you excited about sustainable homes as well by showing you around in my Pinterest Page. Here, I collect the coolest buildings from all around the world that are designed with a focus on being environmental friendly ánd extremely beautiful! Please feel free to follow the page and keep up to date with the most amazing examples of sustainable architecture!





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