Coconut Marzipan Spread

2013-07-04 16.27.46

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re doing alright! I was wondering if there are more people out there that really like sweet spreads on their bread, pancakes, waffels or rice crackers if you wish. …. well, that wasn’t a hard question after all… I guess everyone likes it! Nutella, Caramel Spread, Cookie Dough Spread, Honey… they are all so good (hmm, what’s your definition of good?). And what about pie toppings, or fillings, or cookie fillings or…. Anyway. I have a recipe to knock your socks off. Do you know marzipan? I bet you do…

In the Netherlands the connection between marzipan and cakes, cookies and other sweet stuff is easily made. Marzipan is basically a mixture of almonds and sugar. That’s it. Almonds. Sugar. Daayum, so good. I mean, for about 2/5th  it’s amazingly healthy. The other 3/5th part though, no so much.

That’s why I came up with a recipe. It is healthy, sugar free, nut free, practically raw (depends on the type of coconut you use) and tastes delicious. Important side note: takes just a few minutes to make, literally.


  • 1 cup of shredded coconut
  • 1 cup of dates
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla powder

2013-07-04 14.38.342013-07-04 15.43.36

Step by step:

Soak the dates until soft and blend with the coconut and vanilla until ‘smooth’. Add more water if you like it to be more thin, you can also keep the consistency fudgy! I prefer the last one. Done!: this is your basic mixture. (In the first picture you see the mixture after a few minutes of blending, no water added. The second one is after looong blending and adding some water). You can store this best in the refrigerator. I’ve put it in old jelly jars!

Below I have pictures of the flavours that I made using this basic mixture:

  • Chocoloco (add cacao powder and a little bit of cinnamon and extra vanilla powder)
  • Cinnamon Raisin ( add cinnamon and raisins, you probably already figured that one out yourself. haha)
  • Peanut ( add peanut butter or whole peanuts but than it will take a while before the mixture gets smooth
  • Almond Marzipan(add almondbutter or whole almonds, again: it will take a while before the mixture gets smooth)

2013-07-04 16.27.55  2013-07-04 16.28.25








I love this on my smoothies, in (raw) cakes, bread, rice cakes or pressed together as fudge. Or just eat it out of the jar ;).  You can also make yummy chocolates with it, I’ll show that in one of my next posts!


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