Al Gore & Leonardo DiCaprio on climate change

This was a good month for world-wide climate change wake up calls. Go Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio. On this years 29th of February, our bonus day, I want to share two videos with you of these to gentlemen and want the world to stand up and make a change.

I guess many of you will remember Al Gore ‘s TED talk from 2006 when the whole world was shocked about scientific findings that showed what we were doing to our climate. It was The Inconvenient Truth. The basic finding was: We are ruining it, even more than previously predicted – Go do something about it. I remember seeing this when I was still in high school and I was seriously scared for the rest of the day. I think it was one of my first eye-openers to becoming interested in environmental sustainability and renewable energy. Now, in February 2016, Al Gore did another TED talk. This time, although he points out the consequences of the problem again, there is an optimistic note to his speech. This concerns the tremendous rise we have seen in renewable energy. As some of you may know: the prices of solar have dropped way more than previously expected thereby increasing the amount of solar panels installed. However, we have also had our first month where the global temperature reached the 2 degrees limit (for those of you who may not know – if the average world temperature will increase by more than 2 degrees, bad things will happen 😉 ). Anyway, please watch his interesting, intriguing, informative yet inspiring speech in the video above  (I wanted to use for words that started win ‘in’, just because it was possible haha).


And then there was Leo. First of all: YAY LEO HAS FINALLY WON HIS WELL DESERVED OSCAR! I mean really – FI-NA-LLY. But, what I was even more happy about is the fact that he devoted his speech to our changing climate. It is a short speech, yet enough to make us all aware of the problem again. And as he states: ‘let us not take this planet for granted’ Amen to that 😉


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