Bodypump: Facts


Hi everyone!

Today I would like to talk to you about sports. Specifically: Bodypump! If you’ve read my post from Tuesday  (which has a great healthy cake recipe btw) you might know that I was completely sore from my Monday body pump class.  I have been doing it at a gym in Amsterdam for about 3 months now and I absolutely love it! I a later post I will tell you why I switched from purely lifting weights on my own in the gym area where you can’t escape the testosteron from all the guys out there to mixing this with lessons in a group and my experience including body, health, strength, mindset. But this is for a later post. TodayI will explain to you the basics of body pump and 15 facts you don’t want miss.

The main questions are: What is body pump and why should I do it?

Body pump is a group fitness program in order to gain strength and increase endurance of muscle groups. All muscle groups are used, including leg-, arm- and shoulder muscles. Not to forget the chest and core. A BodyPump class is about 60 minutes: Warming up, Training and Cooling-down, all done on nice music that fits a specific exercise.

In a class you mainly use a barbell on which you add weights. Typically your warming up weight is the lowest weight and during training you adjust the weight according to the muscle groups you will be working. There are also exercises where you use normal dumbbells or weights without the barbell. Sometimes this depends on personal preference. When you have gained a bit more experience and, hopefully, gained a bit more muscle mass, you can add more weight to your workouts. Some of the well known body pump movements are the deadlift, the lunge and the squat.

The biggest difference between Bodypump classes and the ‘weight room'( where you typically use heavier weights for your resistance training) is that you do more repetitions with a little less weight.

So: Why lifting weights in a body pump class? 7 facts!

  1. Gain muscle mass
  2. Get leaner and in shape
  3. Increase your metabolic rate by gaining more muscle mass –> you will use more energy in ‘rest’
  4. Be & Feel stronger
  5. Work your strength and muscle condition at the same time
  6. Lifting weights makes woman more toned, not bulky –> you will not become the hulk, I promise
  7. It is fun to workout in a group!

So, will you start packing your stuff and go to a body pump class soon?

If you have any further questions, please do ask me!

Have a great day!


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