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I has this one in Thailand. Can I go back please?

Hi guys!

The people that know me for some time already know that I am crazy about coconuts. Not only do I eat the fruit and drink the water, I also use it on my skin as a type of bodylotion, as a make-up remover, for my hair and, last but not least for baking. Having just this one simple product for so many purposes saves a lot of money as well (even if you don’t like coconut, you have to admit: we all like this side effect 😉 ). In this post I give you some of it’s health benefits and more ways to use it! So if you’re interested, read on..

The list of benefits of coconuts is super long and I will highlight my 10 favorite ones and briefly explain some of them.

  1. Improves Digestion
  2. Decreases wrinkles and age spots
  3. Moisturizes skin
  4. Improves Alzheimer’s
  5. Balances blood sugar and increases your energy
  6. Anticaries reduction (The decoction from coconut tree roots, used as mouthwash and gargle)
  7. Anticancer effect (the aqueous extract of C. nucifera husk fibers)
  8. Antidiabetic effect (e.g. Reversal of glycogen levels)
  9. Hormone like effect (Young coconut juist contains phytoestrogen and other sex hormone-like substances that can be used in hormone replacement therapy. It reduces the risk of dementia and wound healing. 1)
  10. Ecofriendly biodiesel! (coco-biodiesel derived from coco-oil is better than conventional diesel fuel 1)

But what is coconut oil actually? Coconut oil (Oleum cocos) is a tropical oil. You get it by pressing copra, which is the dried fruit flesh of the fruit of palmtrees: the coconut! Coconut oil contains about 91% saturated fat (please put this in comparison to olive oil which is 14% saturated fat). This is why coconut oil is solid at room temperature.Its melting point is around 24-26 degrees Celsius (75 – 79 Fahrenheit) 1. To give you an idea about it’s content, please take a look at this graph. If you don’t like graphs, skip this section and continue below it, where I describe how you can use it;).

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All these facts are of course great and I hope you are just as excited about the fruit as me already. But now: What do we do with it. Again I will make a list. This time with ways to use it!

    1. Use coconut oil as a make up remover. Simply place a little pit of coconut oil on a cotton pad and use it as you would normally use remover pads. Personally I prefer to put the coconut oil already on my mascara a bit and let it sit there for a short while to easily take of the mascara off my eyelashes afterwards. Oh, before I forget: it works with waterproof make – up! Afterwards clean your face with a dry pad.
    2. Use coconut oil as a moisturizer. Once you have cleaned your skin (which you could also do with coconut oil (read nr.1) ) you can put it on your skin to give it that natural moisturizing effect
    3. Bodylotion. After I get out of the shower I like to use coconut oil as my bodylotion to get rid of that dry skin. You only have to use a little bit for your whole body. As you might notice, the oil gets soft once it touches the skin (remember, it melts at about 24 degrees Celsius). I now sometimes choose to use coconut oil that has no coconut smell or taste anymore. If you put it all over your skin you will smell like a whole coconut plantation
    4. Baking. Use coconut oil instead of other oils that you might use, like olive oil. (Again, you can choose to use coconut oil that has no coconut flavor or smell anymore ;))
    5. For your hair has a conditioner. Apply a quarter-size dollop to your hair, comb it, and then pile it into a loose bun. You’ll want to place a soft towel over your pillow or sleep in a shower cap. In the morning, shampoo as usual with a gentle cleanser2.
    6. For shaving. Use it like your regular shaving foam. Of course, this oil will not foam ;).
    7. As anti – sticking substance for baking a cake for example! But it in your baking form before adding your batter.
    8. In recipes!  If you keep on following my blog, you will get some great recipes that use coconut oil. To already give you an idea: raw cake, cookies, chocolate. Of course, as you might know, coconut milk is great in curry recipes and coconut juice does great is smoothies and acai-bowls!

I hope you liked this post and if you do: Feel free to like, share and use it as your reference if you need inspiration for using coconut oil!


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